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The truth of the farms

The number of animals slaughtered during 2020 in Spanish slaughterhouses shot up to 910 million. There are 2.5 million deaths a day, 104,000 every hour, 1,700 every minute and almost 30 every second.

Reaching these figures is only possible given that intensive farming in Spain accounts for 84% of all animal farms for the production of meat, dairy products and eggs. These huge factories subject the animals to movement restrictions, live in a constant regime of extreme overcrowding and prevent the animals from developing their natural behavior.

Millions of animals live, get sick and die in conditions of dirt, stress and exhaustion. This is the reality we want to uncover from farms.

This is the reality of a standard maternity area on factory farms.

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12,768 signed this petition

We demand immediately

We propose the end of factory farms. We can do without animal exploitation and we work to discover the cruel reality that the meat, egg and milk industry hides from us.

With special urgency, we demand:

  1. That the regulations be modified so that the installations of the farms allow the animals to develop their natural behavior without restrictions.
  2. Cage ban on all farms, regardless of species or production cycle.
  3. Prohibition of tail and beak mutilations, removal of tusks and castrations without anesthesia.
  4. Immediate ban on the live chick crushing system as a system for discarding males on farms.
  5. Require a European label that informs about the production system to which animals for meat, dairy products and derivatives are subjected, thus avoiding consumer fraud.
  6. Require own animal welfare legislation for species that do not have it, such as rabbits, turkeys and calves.
  7. Veterinary care focused on the welfare of each animal as an individual and not only on ensuring the survival and productivity of the group on the farm.
  8. The feeding of animals on farms should not only take into account fattening or survival, but the correct nutrition of the animals. It is impossible to talk about well-being if they are not offered balanced and adequate food for their organisms, not just a hypercaloric feed.

We present a resource to know the status of Nueva Pescanova permits

We present a resource to know the status of Nueva Pescanova permits

01 agosto 2023

The lack of transparency regarding the status of the necessary permits for the installation of the first industrial octopus farm in Las Palmas has meant that we must file a contentious-administrative appeal before the Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The cruel truth about the Spanish turkey farms

The cruel truth about the Spanish turkey farms

21 diciembre 2022

AnimaNaturalis reveals an undercover investigation that took place between 2021 and 2022, exposing the detrimental conditions turkeys must endure in Spanish factory farms.

This is the reality of pig fattening farms in Spain

This is the reality of pig fattening farms in Spain

20 junio 2022

We enter the pig fattening farms in Spain, the first European producer and the second exporter worldwide.

This is the reality of rabbit farms in Spain

This is the reality of rabbit farms in Spain

04 mayo 2022

AnimaNaturalis carried out an undercover investigation into the rabbit meat industry in Spain. The rabbit is the third most raised species for meat in Europe, with about 180 million animals each year... and Spain is the main producer.

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Support our campaign

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